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Warriors in Need

Posted on: July 21, 2015

My father spent more than 25 years in the Canadian military. During that time, attitudes toward the military and their families weren’t always positive.

One woman actually told my mother that her husband’s taxes paid my father’s salary. A prospective employer said he wouldn’t hire Mom because military families were transient. Sometimes people were reluctant to get to know us because Dad could be posted somewhere else, and we’d have to move.

When my father was away on course or on a search (he spent years in search and rescue), we acted up, and it was challenging for my mother. We’d lose touch with friends when they moved or we did. And it was difficult for my dad, other flight crew members, and search and rescue technicians to deal with the things they saw on searches, including the loss of friends and colleagues.

After Canadian military involvement in missions around the world and news coverage of their efforts, people seem to appreciate the men and women in uniform more than they did when I was growing up. More effort is being made to address the challenges military families face; for example, I’ve seen copies of Canadian Military Family Magazine at my local library. And the Royal Canadian Legion continues to advocate on behalf of veterans and their families. But these words from Sirach 26:28* still speak to me:

At two things my heart is grieved,

and because of a third anger comes over me:

a warrior in want through poverty,

and intelligent men who are treated contemptuously….

Today, we’re learning more about how witnessing or experiencing a training incident, serving in active combat or on peacekeeping missions, or working in search and rescue may affect the mental and physical health of military personnel. We’re starting to talk more about the various challenges they—and their families—may face on their return from missions.

Each Remembrance Day, we honour veterans for their service. But the rest of the year, current and retired personnel may need our understanding and advocacy work as well as our appreciation for their service. And those still serving need our prayers for their protection and guidance and for their families. May we take the time to include them in our prayers.

For those who are serving this country,
abroad or at home, by land, by sea, or in the air;
for their mission to bring peace and security in other lands; and for God’s protection from all perils and injury,
we pray to the Lord.

~ “Prayers for the Canadian Forces,” Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops

(*Scripture quote taken from the Holy Bible, Revised Standard Version, Second Catholic Edition.)

For more resources for military families, please see the websites above as well as these: 

Veterans Affairs Canada

National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces – CAF Community Page

Veterans Transition Network

True Patriot Love Foundation

Wounded Warriors Canada

Canadian Service Dog Foundation

The Canadian Hero Fund


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